In our designs we endeavour to provide quality with an imaginative approach that includes:

Low Visual Impact

The appearance of some buildings, both internally and externally, have been compromised by unattractive M&E systems, which are insufficiently concealed. We aim to reduce, or “soften”, the visual impact of our systems by integrating them with the building architecture. In the absence of suitable “hidden” solutions we specify systems with attention given to pleasing appearance and high quality finishes.

Sustainable & Natural Solutions

Our designs have a strong commitment to sustainability. Natural solutions can give greater comfort, reduce the impact upon the external environment and reduce capital and running costs: For example on most projects we analyse natural ventilation solutions to avoid the use of mechanical ventilation, and investigate suitable lighting controls, making better use of daylight to reduce CO2 emissions and running costs.

Value For Money

Where reductions in operating cost can be achieved, we can undertake payback analysis or net present value calculations to assess if the associated capital expenditure can be justified.


We design systems that are easy to understand and operate in order that they can be simply and safely controlled and maintained. In this way we reduce the time necessary for our clients to refer to operation & maintenance records.